As a liberal, which means a person who likes the free interaction between people that inevitably leads to change and progress, I admit that I find the mindset of conservatives entertaining. They arbitrarily and, in most cases, a-historically decide that a period X in the past is the right one, the peak, the model, the reality that cannot be changed or civilisation will come to an end, and they become very irascible when people deviate from that model.

We are seeing this in Ticino with the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio and the recent decision, very fair in my opinion, to finally remove the blackface from some of the figurants. Obviously a chorus has risen against political correctness, the end of tradition, the loss of reason, where will we end up. It is entertaining to hear the heartbreaking laments of people who probably have too much free time on their hands.

Conservatives really struggle to accept that change is inherent in society, that what was accepted yesterday (because we didn’t give a damn about being respectful) may not be acceptable today (because fortunately we try to be more respectful or simply more polite). It is entertaining to see conservatives get upset over these small matters. If you start by removing the colour on a person’s face, where does it end? It is a slippery slope that will take all the fun out of being rude and not caring!
O tempora, o mores.