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  • My business as usual with China

    In November 2021 at the annual meeting of the Europa Forum Lucerne, a coalition of civil society organisations published the ‘Lucerne Manifesto on the People’s Republic of China’, which, summarised in one sentence, says it is time to end business as usual concerning China. The … read more

  • Blackface and irascible conservatives

    As a liberal, which means a person who likes the free interaction between people that inevitably leads to change and progress, I admit that I find the mindset of conservatives entertaining. They arbitrarily and, in most cases, a-historically decide that a period X in the past is the right one, the … read more

  • Europe pretending

    On Wednesday 14 June off the Greek town of Pylos a boat with hundreds of people sank. The victims of the shipwreck are hundreds. These people were women, men and children who were trying to enter Europe. This is yet another devastating tragedy, the latest in a far too long list. For years, Europe … read more

  • Kinda Buddhist

    When I say that I’m kinda Buddhist, I mean first of all that culturally and philosophically I agree with the basic principles of Buddhism, namely the Four Noble Truths. Pain is inherent to life; that also affects moments of satisfaction and serenity, as they are themselves impermanent. Pain is not … read more

  • I love grey

    A goal of maturity is to understand that the world in reality and practice is grey. We are all dickheads and we are all good people. We are a lot of people in this world and we have a lot of conflicting ideas; we have to endure each other and understand that we most likely have our fair share of … read more