I am not leftist in the economic sense of the word, I mean, I think the free market is a beautiful thing. From a social point of view, however, I consider myself very progressive, since always. For example, I have always been in favour of marriage and adoption for gay people, even when it was a clearly minority position. As an individualist, I admit that I have always been annoyed by those people on the left who want to tell me how to live and telling you that you are wrong, from their supposed correctness about everything

Over the years, however, I have rounded off my judgement. For example, as someone who walks to the office every day, I have slowly realised how much the concept โ€˜carโ€™ has embedded itself in our brains. It is not written in the Tablets of the Law that cars have the right to go where they want and how they want, not giving a damn about other road users. I can say that, argh, I agree with the left when they try to limit car use in cities and towns.

I have never been a marxist. As a young man I was an anarchist, then I started working and became a libertarian. I now feel on the borderline between neoliberal and libertarian, that is I think that a state social safety net is somehow mandatory for a society when it reaches a certain level of complexity, the people living in that society demand it by default, they expect it. From a social point of view, however, I have not become more conservative over the years, quite the contrary. Unfortunately, due to the fascist turn of the US Libertarian Party, now saying out loud that one has libertarian sympathies can be misunderstood. Since 9 times out of 10 those who say they are neither right-wing nor left-wing are 100% fascist, I will not say that. Instead, I say that I am left-wing but not from an economic point of view.