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  • Switzerland-Taiwan friendship to be improved

    On the one hand there is Taiwan, a democracy that the Economist ranks tenth in the world and first in Asia (Democracy Index 2022); on the other hand there is China, a superpower that is a totalitarian regime, i.e. a social system in which political power permeates every sphere of society, in a total … read more

  • Against Swiss neutrality

    The Swiss have decided not to mix in the affairs of other states since they were defeated at Marignano (today Melegnano) by the French and the Venetians in 1515. Of course the Swiss continued to go around Europe as mercenaries but the Confederation would no longer try to expand. Switzerland has … read more

  • Borders

    Switzerland is a country of borders. As a small country, you always have the state border not too far away from you. Switzerland’s state borders are not all the same. There are those used by cross-border workers to enter in the morning and leave in the evening, those are generally traffic … read more

  • Lucky

    We discovered that our son was epileptic when he was not yet two years old. The certainty came with the diagnosis on 11 August 2015. Thanks to medication, he leads a normal life and his epilepsy has never caused convulsions. We are currently in Geneva. We arrived here last Saturday and will return … read more